Porsche 911 Carrera S: “Best of the Best 2012”

4 06 2012

By the numbers, no sports car has more loyalists than the Porsche 911. With nearly 50 years under its belt, the 911 series has undergone seven fundamental changes while remaining true to the original 1963 design. But unlike most sequels, the newest 911, specifically the Porsche 911 Carrera S (www.porsche.com), betters its predecessor on all counts. Evolution has produced a longer, wider, slightly lower, and altogether more refined Carrera. The new 911 is powered by an upgraded water-cooled flat-6 engine that now delivers 400 hp in S specification. Driving a 911 is like having your mind read, and this is especially true with the latest Carrera. And with the new 911, Porsche finally has sprinkled a little luxury into the cabin, redesigning what is now a comfy center console and adding pleasing finishes that take the Teutonic edge off of the no-frills, all-function design.

 The Carrera S is priced from $96,400, and options that Porsche loyalists might consider essential can add $20,000 to the price. But every Porsche buyer really should treat himself by ordering a car to his own specifications.

Porsche Carrera S




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5 06 2012

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