Smart For-US concept

26 05 2012
  • First Seen: NAIAS 2012
  • Design Studio: Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studios, Sindelfingen, Germany
  • Type: 2-seat pickup
  • Dimensions (L | W | H): 3,547 | 1,506 | 1,701 mm
  • Wheel Size: 18-inch

Daimler’s Smart brand has bombed in the US market since its introduction in 2008. That first year proved modestly successful, with 25,000 units sold but since then sales have fallen off a cliff, with just 5,927 shifted in 2010.
Seeing the ForTwo dicing with big-foot pickups and Hummer limos in Vegas, it’s easy to see why something has been lost in translation. Yet, after years of neglect, Smart has finally been given some attention by Daimler.

Following on from the ForSpeed and ForVision concepts, the triptych is complete with the For-US concept. More importantly this car is a clear intention to make Smart work in the States. Its format crosses over city car, sports car, pickup and SUV, creating a unique proposition that references cars as varied as the Volkswagen Buggy Up concept and Bertone Fiat X1/9.




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